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a briefing

just a reminder to everyone....it's really best to contact me thru skype or gmail now.  Leah and Heeather.....be prepared...I am coming to stay with you in tokyo.  Muna and Rae....gmail chat me grrls!!! i miss you! and, i have to head out to your neck of the woods next time i go out to japan (which, if everything keeps progressing the way it does...i am hoping to be over on that side more often).

princess D..anyttime you want to talk the Saiunkoku smut...or if anyone want sto talk johnny smut, jdorama smut, hawt bishie smut...did i leave any smut out?  you know how to readch me. 

things are really really zooming for me now. I am going to rely on you all to drop me a wee email hello and, if you see me on gchat with a busy sign...please just pop in anywhoo..i put it up just so that not everyone is contacting me at once. BUT, i am ALWAYS here for my LJ pals.   I got onto skype too. my name is lucylulu-san.  give a ring or chat when i am on!

if this momentum and luck keeps us...you can all say that one of your dear friends you met online is a VERY FAMOUS fashion designer. heehee. 


okay one mo b4 the rd....

thought any of you who are more "in-tuned" may want to know mercury is in retrograde from the 13th of February until i think the 7th of March. It's normally three weeks.

Here is a great site to let you know what is going on for your particular sign and rising house sign:  http://www.alphalifetrends.com/sys-tmpl/mercuryretrogradefebruary2007/

matta ne

so long, farewell...

bit of sad news...seems i am going to leave here guys. things are really zooming for me right now, I am in the midst of raising funds for the feature, starting up a fashion company and taking my deocrating to a new level. not to mention, rekindling my brazilian portuguese and attempting to get my japanese ready for my trip in October.

Unfortunately, i barely have time to catch up on everyone's posts and journals. then, i get overwhelmed looking at everything i miss.

i think i have everyone's email addresses. it seems like it will be the best way to get a hold of me, and i am also really trying to switch to skype.

I am not going to take my name off and MAY have the occasional lurk. but, most likely i really want to start connecting through chat and email. i am trying to just have one place i go to where i can do everything. it makes it easier,seeing i am in my inbox most of the day. heh-heh.

so, here's who's email addresses i have:
spacemonkey ku

if you want to keep in touch, post here, and i will give you my email address to contact me...
i loved being here and love everyone i have met. i feel close to a group of you. And know, i have made some formidabble friendships that i hope will carry on as the years progress.

Besides, i'll be emailing my buds who FUEl my obsession *coughtakeshicoughv6coughkamecoughsaiunkokucough etc cough cough.





as promised....the doggie in the sweater

okay, here is my baby..in his sweater. He's such a cute old guy. he's been with me through so much. ^_________^

skype anyone?

alright, if anyone is a part of Skype....join me! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA.   here's my name: lucylulu-san.
My friend Yukiko suckered me into it...well, her and my brazilian film buddy in Glasgow, too. ^^  speaking of which, looks like I am FINALLY going to get my portuguese back in shape, upon my return from Scotland in March. I am going to take classes in Portuguese. I found this really good school that caters to your needs. It's small and a little expensive...but I am hoping it will fill the gap between what I can understand (which is everything) and what i can speak (which is just embarrassing).

AND...so excited! I am going to check out an Akido Dojo tomorrow.  I wanted to take Akido for YEARS!!!!

Anyhoo, i STILL have to put pics up of the pooch in his sweater. AND, I also have to mention the producing gig i just started. Bit nervous about it. He wants to start filming in April. Which does not give alot of time for raising funds, finding crew and actors and well...everything. T____T well...がんばってよ!^___^;;

ok. off i go...i am procrastinating here. I should be prepping for Audtion ads instead. >.<

some more of the xmas knitting

so, here is almost the rest of the christmas knitting. I just have to take a photo of the neck rest  I made for my mum. ^______^

These are the first wee knitted toys I ever made. They stood only 7"tall. I made them for my friend's and cousin's babies first christmas (thanks to sarachan for helping with that grammatical blurb)

this is the scarf I made for my sister that goes with the cream pom-pom hat I created. I used baby alpaca for this scarf so it would be uber soft and cozy.

I made it long and wide so she could really wrap it around and have it feel totally comfy. ^________^

Mixi Mixi Mixi


i have not been on in a wee while. I apologize. Been a tad busy as of late...and, have been getting addicted to a new site called Mixi. It's basically a japanese hybrid of Live journal and Myspace. It's soo much fun! and, with my forthcoming Japan trip in October (or maybe in April with Chibi-tenshi24...if my friend backs out), I am meeting some really great Japanese friends!

now, if you are interested in joining, two things: the site is completely in japanese and you need an invitation to join.

so, if you want one. Leave a post. I think i have most of your emails, if i don't i'll contact you. ^____^

okay, matta ne!

parent's yearly Post Boxing day party

ugh...this happens every year. I never know why i feel the need to attend. I never help out in organizing or prepping it, because, truth be told, even if i offer, they usually yell at me to stay the heck out of their way. some reason it's okay for my sisters to help out. So, here i am in my room, posting on LJ, reading and posting to LJ friends, and chatting on Mixi (to be explained in another post).
on top of all this...every year it goes down the same way: there is always this one UBER old guy who is a long-time family friend, who seems to think that now, seeing i am older, it's appropriate for him to hit on me. (EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!); then there is the "so are you dating anyone" from the rest of my parent's friends. to which i ALWAYS answer: "i am focusing on my career"; then that usually follows the "don't you want to get married and have kids" to which i think "don't you want to shut the F*K up and let me live my life?" I really don't knowo why i try to be the "good daughter" by showing up, when clearly i have been a black sheep all my life. >.<
then again the word FREE in front of food an alcohol easily sways my opinion. and, mum is a GOURMET cook. yum!
the whole party is quite harrowing for me. the only reason i am staying here, this year, is that some family is stopping by, due to my uncle being in the hospital for cancer (he ha two weeks to live). My other saving grace is going to meet hezziwig-chan in NYC tonite for shochu and pre-newyears celebration.

right .... hope everyone else's saturday is fun!

happy christmas everyone...

Here's something i thought you would get a kick out of:





Okay, tomodachi-tachi,

anyone wanting to improve, excel, build-upon, or start japanese have GOT to check out japanesepod101.com They are offering a 25% discount this week. It's sooo worth it! As you know, I have been studying Japanese, the past year, but since I started up with jpod late this summer, my japanese has improved 10-fold...FAST!

I have to put a plug-in for these guys, because, I love them so. AND....it's sooo worth every dime!!  I know everyone here will love them as much as I do! They make learning Japanese soooo much fun AND EASY! Seriously! You really feel soo close to everyone in that community and confident about your japanese.  I have found it to be much more relevant and interesting, seeing it is broadcast live from Japan. Pretty cool. SPREAD THE WORD, mina-san!

okay check it out and PASS THIS ON! ^__________^

arigato gozaimasu!

LINK FOR THE DISCOUNT: http://www.japanesepod101.com/happy-holidays


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