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April 21st, 2007

a briefing

just a reminder to everyone....it's really best to contact me thru skype or gmail now.  Leah and Heeather.....be prepared...I am coming to stay with you in tokyo.  Muna and Rae....gmail chat me grrls!!! i miss you! and, i have to head out to your neck of the woods next time i go out to japan (which, if everything keeps progressing the way it does...i am hoping to be over on that side more often).

princess D..anyttime you want to talk the Saiunkoku smut...or if anyone want sto talk johnny smut, jdorama smut, hawt bishie smut...did i leave any smut out?  you know how to readch me. 

things are really really zooming for me now. I am going to rely on you all to drop me a wee email hello and, if you see me on gchat with a busy sign...please just pop in anywhoo..i put it up just so that not everyone is contacting me at once. BUT, i am ALWAYS here for my LJ pals.   I got onto skype too. my name is lucylulu-san.  give a ring or chat when i am on!

if this momentum and luck keeps us...you can all say that one of your dear friends you met online is a VERY FAMOUS fashion designer. heehee.